Family Court Bar Association learns about ACEs

On April 17th, CASA program director Danielle Morrison presented a Continuing Legal Education workshop, co-hosted by the Hon. Nicola Henry-Taylor, to the Family Court Section of the Allegheny County Bar Association.

Danielle’s presentation focused on how Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) affect children and adults. ACEs are factors such as living in a home where intimate partner violence has occurred; having a parent or close relative who had passed away, is incarcerated or has a substance use disorder; or experiencing homelessness or food insecurity.

A high number of ACEs experienced by an individual during childhood is a strong predictor of negative health outcomes in adulthood. These poor health outcomes include a higher prevalence of cardiovascular disease or premature death, substance use disorders and being unhoused. Ms. Morrison shared how ACES impact children and families that we meet in the court system and how treating families in a trauma-informed manner can improve outcomes.

Thank you to Judge Henry-Taylor and Danielle for this informative and needed workshop.