Your Impact: A Message from the Executive Director (November 2023)

In a recent newsletter, I paid homage to our CASA volunteers without whom it would be all but impossible to serve the number of CASA kids that we do. Now I would like to tell you about how their work has improved the lives of abused and neglected children thanks to the financial support of our funders.

  • A child who disclosed maltreatment was taken seriously, and the authorities began an investigation into her sexual assault.
  • Siblings living with their father could visit with their grandparents, giving them additional love and support.
  • A toddler with severe medical issues received coordinated physical therapy and occupational therapy services to help him learn to walk.
  • Separated siblings could play together each month and video talk together weekly.
  • A child’s self-harming behaviors were brought to light, and he was evaluated for mental health services.

When an adult doesn’t listen to a child or is the perpetrator of abuse, a CASA is the trusted adult who gives voice to the child’s needs, someone who advocates within the court system for a safe home, specialized therapies, and activities that will help the child begin healing from their trauma.

Your support, as a donor, is working right now to help kids heal and thrive. Thank you!


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Melissa Protzek, Esq.
Executive Director